ASP.Net MVC Advance Core Certification & Training Programme

Microsoft ASP.NET MVC Core Training Essentials develops the programming skills in C# required for the developers to build Windows and Web applications. This training course familiarizes participants with the significance of .NET framework, .NET idioms and basic concepts involved in the creation of rich applications. The course covers concepts from basics and makes the learner able to expand the concepts to other languages. The course drives you through the fundamentals of the programming language structure, syntax required for console and web applications creation and deployment.

  • Deploy object oriented programming (OOP) language concepts along with ASP.NET MVC platform.
  • Create programs using different programming concepts including data types, arithmetic operators, branching statements.
  • Build and share data through classes and objects.
  • Understand I/O classes and exception handling
  • Create interactive web pages and program web applications along with web services.
  • Work with client-side scripting.
  • Debug, configure and deploy web applications

Microsoft ASP.NET MVC Core training is an appropriate entry level course for the learners interested in building their career in development. The learners include professionals with programming experience in C, C++, Microsoft Visual Basic, or Java. An aspiring developer and the students familiar with OOPs concepts can also get benefited. This training imparts the skills needed for developer productivity, application performance, and continuous innovation.

The Basic

  • Introduction
  • Why use ASP.NET Core MVC
  • Why You Should Know
  • Security of Asp.Net
  • Sql Injection
  • Cross Site Scripting,Open Redorect Attack
  • create New Project
  • The Basic,Start up Change
  • Building Asp.Net Core Application
  • Understanding Middleware
  • Working With External Dependencies
  • Services Static Contents
  • Error Handling and Diagnostics
  • Custom Configuration
  • Populate Configuration Setting using JSON Files
  • Dependeny Injection

Project Creating

  • Introduction
  • Create Class Libraries
  • Installing Extension Part1 and Part2
  • Security of Asp.Net
  • BootsWatch

Repositery Pattern

  • Introduction
  • Create Category Model
  • Intro to Repositry Pattern
  • Repositry Pattern Overview, Flow, Architecture
  • Implement Repositry Pattern,IRepositry
  • Implement IRepository,Class Part1, Class Part2
  • Implement ICategoryRepositery
  • Implement UnitOfWork

Category CRUD

  • Introduction
  • Add category To Navbar,Controller
  • Intro to Repositry Pattern
  • Repositry Pattern Overview, Flow, Architecture
  • Scaffold Identity Change,Login/Register Erro
  • Add Category Index View, Update Category Index View,Create Category API
  • Category DataTable
  • Add Service js
  • Service Index API and Service View Model
  • Service Index View
  • Service Upsert Get Action
  • Service Upsert View, View Changes
  • Upsert Post New Service, Edit Services, Delete Services

Home Page

  • Introduction
  • Home View Model
  • Home Controller Index Action
  • Home View


  • Introduction
  • Details Action Method
  • Details View Part1
  • Session Extension
  • ADDToCart Action
  • ADD Session To Application
  • Details Page Session

Frequeny - CRUD

  • Introduction
  • Assignment1,2,3,4,5,6

Service - CRUD

  • Introduction
  • Add Service to DB
  • Add Service To Repository and UnitOfWork

Shopping Cart & Orders

  • Introduction
  • Create Order Header and Details Model
  • Order Header and Details Repository
  • Cart View Model
  • Cart Controller Index Action
  • Cart View Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
  • Remove Item From Shopping Cart
  • Summary Action and View Part1
  • Summary View Part 2
  • Order Confirmation
  • Customer Demo

Admin Registration

  • Introduction
  • Scaffold Identity
  • Add Properties to ASPNetUsers
  • Register User View
  • Register Post Page Handler
  • Add User to Repository Pattern
  • Add User Controller
  • Register Employees
  • User List View
  • Lock Unlock User

Order Management

  • Introduction
  • Order Controller,Js,List Index View, List Demo, Action, View, Approval/Rejected
  • Add Properties to ASPNetUsers
  • Register User View
  • Register Post Page Handler
  • Add User to Repository Pattern
  • Add User Controller
  • Register Employees
  • User List View
  • Lock Unlock User


  • Introduction
  • Modifying Navbar
  • Authorization Update
  • Authorization
  • Add Styling

Store Procedure

  • Introduction
  • Create Store Procedure
  • Stored Proc Repositery
  • Stored Proc Repository Implementation
  • Calling Stored Proc

Web Images

  • Introduction
  • Create Web Images Model
  • Create WebImage Controller
  • webimage js
  • Image Uploader Index
  • Upsert Action Method
  • Upsert View
  • Designing Changes

Data Seeding

  • Introduction
  • Add Db Initializer Class
  • DbInitializer Class Method Part 1, Part 2
  • Seed Database

Azure Development

  • Introduction
  • Azure Setup
  • Azure Deployment
  • Modifying Styling

Model View Controller Pattern

  • Model View Controller Introduction
  • Registering MVC in ASP.Net Core Application
  • Working with Controllers
  • Pass parameters to Controller actions
  • Understanding Routing
  • Customizing Routes
  • Accessing a Database
  • Accessing Remote Data
  • Designing the User Interface for a Graphical Application
  • Improving Application Performance and Responsivenes
  • Integrating with Unmanaged Code
  • Creating Reusable Types and Assemblies
  • Encrypting and Decrypting Data

Understanding Views-Render HTML with Views

  • Render HTML using Razor
  • Render dynamic content with Razor
  • Reuse shared HTML markup using Layouts
  • Pass Data from Controller to View
  • Render Data with Strongly typed Views
  • Using Partial Views
  • Custom Helper Methods
  • View Components
  • Adding Logic (Model) to View Components

Work With Data

  • Creating HTML Form with Model Binding
  • Post form data to Controller action
  • Validate Form Post Data
  • Introduction to Tag Helpers
  • Entity Framework Core Database First
  • Entity Framework Core Database Insert
  • Entity Framework Core Database Read
  • View Components
  • Entity Framework Core Update DB and Collection

AJAX and Web API

  • Partial Rendering
  • Web API endpoints - Introduction
  • Expose Data through Web API endpoints
  • Consume a Web API from the browser

Securing And Web Application

  • Secure Controller Actions
  • Adding Identity Services
  • Using Identity Services to Create Accounts
  • Using Identity Services to Allow User Login
  • Avoid Cross Site Request Forgery

Deploying ASP.Net Core MVC Web Applciation To IIS

  • Include static content
  • Exclude and Include Files
  • HTTPS and ASP.Net Core
  • Setting up IIS
  • Create Site and App pool
  • Publishing Web Application
  • Why Web.Config